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School Planning

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The Strategic School Planning Team coordinates the summary of programmatic changes for each upcoming school year. Below are full details of new school and program openings, grade additions/configuration changes, feeder pattern and boundary changes, and swing spaces for School Year 2023-2024.  

Questions? Contact [email protected] or check out the for school-specific updates.


SY23-24 Swing Spaces


Swing Space

Swing Space Address

Lorraine H. Whitlock Elementary School     

Kenilworth Elementary School

1300 44th Street, NE, Washington, DC 20019

Browne Education Campus

NE Swing Campus
(Trailers at Spingarn)

810 26th St NE, Washington DC 20002

Garfield Elementary School

Davis Elementary School

4430 H St SE, Washington, DC 20019

Oyster-Adams Education Campus (Adams Campus Only) 

Meyer Elementary School

2501 11th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001

School Without Walls @ Francis-Stevens

Old Banneker

800 Euclid Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001

Truesdell Elementary School (PreK - K Only)

Sharpe Elementary School

4300 13th St. NW Washington, DC 20011

Dorothy I. Height Elementary School  Sharpe Elementary School 

4300 13th St. NW Washington, DC 20011

SY23-24 Permanent Relocations


New Location Address

Roosevelt STAY

2001 10th St NW, Washington, DC 20001


SY2023-24 Dual Language programming updates: 

After significant community engagement, Tyler ES began a gradual transition to a whole school Bilingual-Arts program (previously, the school had two programming "strands," one dual language strand and one creative arts strand.). In SY2023-24, all students in PK3 and PK4 were part of the Bilingual-Arts program while students in K-5 continued in their selected strand, either Creative Arts, Dual Language, or special education Communication and Education Support (CES).  

The Tyler Bilingual-Arts program will phase in gradually each year until the entire school is learning Bilingual–Arts (PK3 – 5). In SY2024-25, students in PK3, PK4, and K will be part of the Bilingual-Arts program. We anticipate the transition to the Bilingual-Arts program will be complete, reaching grade 5, in SY2029-30. If in the future, families living in-boundary to Tyler ES do not wish to have their child enroll in Tyler’s Bilingual-Arts program in grades K and up, they will have the option to enroll at Tyler's sister school, Payne Elementary. To learn more, visit . 

SY24-25 Swing Spaces

School Swing Space Swing Space Address
Oyster-Adams (Adams Campus ONLY) Meyer Swing 2501 11th St NW, DC 20001
Tubman ES Old Banneker Swing 800 Euclid St NW, DC 20001
Truesdell ES Sharpe Health Swing 4300 13th St NW, DC 20011
Browne EC Spingarn Swing Cottages 810 26th St NE (Returning to Home Building over Winter Break, SY24-25)
JO Wilson ES Spingarn Swing Cottages 810 26th St NE (Moving into Swing Site over Winter Break, SY24-25)
Malcolm X @ Green ES Davis Swing 4430 H St SE, DC 20019
Thomas ES Kenilworth Swing 1300 44th St NE, DC 20019


SY24-25 Schools returning to Permanent Location

School Name Address
Garfield ES 2435 Alabama Ave SE, DC 20020
Lorraine H. Whitlock ES 533 48th Pl NE, DC 20019
School Without Walls @ Francis-Stevens EC 2425 N St NW, DC 20037
Dorothy Height ES 1300 Allison St NW, DC 20011


SY24-25 School Name Changes

School Name New School Name
Roosevelt STAY Garnet-Patterson STAY
Tyler ES Shirley Chisholm ES