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All of us at DC ļž–”÷Ī≤•app Schools are dedicated to excellence at every level, and we demand it of ourselves just as much as we ask for it from employees, educators and students.

  • We are 51,000 students committed to graduating from ļž–”÷Ī≤•app school, prepared for college and work.
  • We are more than 4,000 teachers who hold ļž–”÷Ī≤•app expectations for every student.
  • We are 109 principals building positive school communities focused on academic achievement.
  • We are more than 2,900 classroom aides, social workers, counselors, custodians and other support staff providing a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for our students.
  • We are countless family and community members encouraging our children and demanding a ļž–”÷Ī≤•app-quality education for them.
  • We are thousands of community organizations and volunteers who support our students and staff as they strive for excellence.
  • We are the residents and leaders of Washington, DC who know that a strong school system and ļž–”÷Ī≤•app-achieving students are the backbone and the future of this city.

Together, we are committed to making ļž–”÷Ī≤•appa place where all students can receive a world-class education.

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