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A Capital Commitment

DC ļž–”÷Ī≤•app Schools Five-Year Strategic Plan: Capital Commitment 2023-2028

In 2024, ļž–”÷Ī≤•appshared the DCPS Capital Commitment, a five-year strategic plan to guide progress across all 117 ļž–”÷Ī≤•appschools. Developed through a multi-phase design process that engaged thousands of students, families, educators, staff, and community members, this new plan centers equity and community while setting a path for how success will be measured through 2028. Visit to learn more.


ONE Equity Imperative

Informed by district-wide data, to meet the goals of our Capital Commitment 2023-2028, it is imperative that we provide intensive, targeted support based on need to eliminate barriers to academic and social success for the following student groups:

  • Black and Hispanic/Latino Students
  • Students Receiving Special Education Services
  • Multilingual Learners

TWO Commitments

In meeting these goals, ļž–”÷Ī≤•appcommits to investing in our people by boosting professional development, supporting employee wellness, and establishing new pathways for support staff and community members to become educators in our schools.

ļž–”÷Ī≤•appwill meaningfully engage all stakeholders including families, DC Government agencies, local businesses, and community-based organizations to ensure our students have what they need to thrive in the classroom and beyond.

THREE Strategic Priorities

To guide our work with the more than 51,000 families who choose ļž–”÷Ī≤•appfor their student, the ļž–”÷Ī≤•appCapital Commitment focuses on three priorities: ensuring scholars are succeeding academically, connected to school, and prepared for what's next.

Succeeding Academically

Students thrive across all subjects when they have strong foundations in math and literacy. Through enhanced hands-on learning experiences, real-world inquiry, and knowledge-building—as well as additional resources and supports for instructors—ļž–”÷Ī≤•appwill ensure every scholar has what they need to excel in the classroom and beyond. We will be successful when:

  • ļž–”÷Ī≤•appstudents are mathematically strong.
  • ļž–”÷Ī≤•appstudents are reading and writing across all subjects.

Connected to School

Students flourish when they feel valued and safe and have a sense of belonging. ļž–”÷Ī≤•appwill continue strengthening relationships to ensure students’ experiences are culturally affirming and safe so they can focus on what matters most: joyful and rigorous learning. We will achive this when:

  • ļž–”÷Ī≤•appstudents are safe and have a sense of belonging.
  • ļž–”÷Ī≤•appstudents have equitable access to opportunities.

Prepared for What's Next

Every student has a bright future—they just need the right opportunities and resources to discover and pursue their path of choice. Through targeted supports, ļž–”÷Ī≤•appwill ensure every learner is prepared for what’s next at each critical learning transition as well as in college, career, and life. We will celebrate success when:

  • ļž–”÷Ī≤•appstudents graduate on time.
  • ļž–”÷Ī≤•appgraduates participate in a postsecondary pathway.


Read the full ļž–”÷Ī≤•appCapital Commitment in , , and .

To learn more about the engagement process and listening sessions, including what we heard from stakeholders, view the 2022 Engagement Summary.